Wednesday, August 21, 2013


My name is Jennifer Long and I am studying Animation/Illustration here at San Jose State.  I've transferred here from City College of San Francisco where I've also obtained my Associates in Liberal Arts and Humanities.  Currently, I'm taking Ani 51b and Ani 114.  As for science, I've taken oceanography and prehistoric geology (yay, fossils!).  After finishing school, I hope to be working as a visual development artist in the gaming or film industry.  Now moving on to some art work.

This is my "Hero Tree" project for Ani 113B. The original one was done in acrylic, but I didn't like the way how it turned out in the photos I took of it.  So rather than use the original I decided to take this piece into Photoshop.

Over the summer I practiced portrait painting in Photoshop, and I think about, roughly, a month and a half into it I got sick of doing portraits.  Then again I tried to challenge myself to trying to finish a piece once every two days. If anything I've learned that tweaking the brush settings is important to get different textures or else everything just falls flat while using the same brush.

Here's a parody music video made last year for the SJSU AACF (Asian American Christian Fellowship) promo video to describe the fellowship's theme.  The song is a parody of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" which we changed to "Last Wednesday Night"; AACF meets on Wed. nights.

I helped my sister out with the animation sequences in the music video since they needed another animator.  It was fun collaborating with my sister on this project and I hope to be able to work on more art related projects with her in the future.

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