Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Term Paper Outline - Laws of Physics

I. Introduction 
 A. Animated Feature Film - The Emperor's New Groove
 B. Thesis - Though the physics in the world of The Emperor's New Groove mirrors the real world, the animators exaggerated the laws of physics in order to make the movie humorous.  

II. Super Strength

   A. In the intro, Emperor Kuzco was carried up a long flight of stairs in a gold (and probably heavy) chair by a tiny servant. 
   B. Kuzco (in llama form) was able to pull Pacha back onto solid ground as he is falling off the cliff with his teeth.

III. Exaggerated Force
   A. The old man gets thrown out a window from a tall tower for "throwing off the emperor's groove" and is found later slightly wrapped up in a flag with the pole being partially broken further down from the palace.
   B. Yzma and Kronk some how survived getting electrocuted by a lightning bolt and a long fall as they were gliding from one cliff ledge to the next. 

IV. Exaggerated Speed
   A. Yzma quickly moves between the kitchen and the main room when she has the urgency to talk talk to Kronk after speaking to Pacha's wife. 
   B. Yzma running out from the closet and whizzes down the hill in a wheel barrel at an extremely high speed then lands in place of the pinata with little to no swinging action on the part of the rope that she gets caught up in. 

V. Conclusion
   A. The laws of physics are pushed to the extreme in the actions that the characters perform in order to bring a slight slap stick quality to the movie. 
   B. Since the majority of the movie follows the laws of physics that mirror reality, the feel of the animated world was believable except in certain comedic parts where it was necessary to exaggerate the action for the audience to "feel" the movement. 

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