Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Outline for the Second Term Paper

Science Fact or Cinematic Fiction?

I. Introduction - 

   A. In order to add an aesthetic value to a film, the laws of physics are either broken or pushed to the extreme.
   B. Examine the incorrect use of physics in jumps.
   C. Films used to show how a jump defies laws of physics.
II. Body
   A. Speed (1994): Bus jumps a large gap 
        1. Description: Sandra Bullock and Keenu Reeves drive a bus on a California freeway and jumps a large gap at a incomplete section of the freeway. 
        2. Explanation: - The bus would have been too heavy to be able to make a large jump.  Something of that size and weight would have fell even with the use of a ramp. 
   B. Fast & Furious 6 (2013): Jump and snatch
        1. Description: Vin Diesel's character jumps off a moving vehicle to catch Michelle Rodriguez (who flies from a tank) and lands on another vehicle to break his fall. 
        2. Explanation: Rather than just landing on top of a car Diesel's character would have continued to either roll off the car or crash through the windshield and land inside the car.
   C. Live Free or Die Hard (2007): Jumping from a plane
        1. Description: John McClane jumps from a plane wing onto a freeway.
        2. Explanation: Given that the plane was flying flow, the character jumps onto the freeway and lands feet first (which would have caused significant injury), but rather than crawl away, he gets up then runs off. 
III. Conclusion
   A. Restate thesis and tie in examples supporting thesis. 

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