Friday, November 8, 2013

Outline of Third Term Paper

I. Introduction
 A. Films - Totoro and The Old Mill
 B. Thesis - Both films show how easy rain can be animated in 2-D, yet to carry a certain mood makes it a bit more challenging.
II. Body
 A. The Old Mill
    1. Use of rain effects to create the creepy and stormy mood within the story.
    2. Explain in detail how animators create rain in this animation.
    3. Tie in with thesis.
 B. Totoro
    1. How the rain effects differ from the first example.
    2. Mood - How creating the rain pattern helps with the mood of the scene.
    3. Tie in with thesis.
III. Conclusion
    1. Creating rain in 2-D animation uses a simple technique, yet trying to achieve a certain mood or feel changes how the rain animation is done.
    2. Reiterate examples and add in concluding statement.

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